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Minecraft 1.2.5


Minecraft is quite a simple game, but it can please any fan of computer games, offering endless hours of fun.

Minecraft is based on a very simple concept, the construction in a three-dimensional environment. The player has a total control over the main hero of the game, which consists in its major part in building different sceneries with the available blocks.

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, has already sold over 20 millions of copies of this videogame, which can be played on different kinds of devices, including so popular smartphones, Xbox Live and standard and conventional personal computers. The sales are performed digitally and not though the usual shops.

Minecraft 1.2.5 continues to offer the majority of characteristics of the previous versions of the game, which made it so famous and popular. It is still a very creative sandbox game, in which the user has to assure that the main hero survives. Apart from survival the game, as it was previously mentioned, consists in its great part in the construction of big structures and caves.

In this duality of survival and construction, dominates the argument of the game. The Minecraft game is a space which is generated on a random basis, where coexist the ground surrounded by water, with mountains, valleys, trees and animals. There is a significant ambiguity in the idea of the game, as it is not clear what the main character has to do, thus it gives a user freedom and independence to explore the area. After the night's arrival the game changes radically. With the sunset there appear the monsters whose main objective is to attack and kill the main hero. The survival becomes impossible, so it is necessary to build a refuge to hide away.

The game offers 3 different modes of playing: Survival, Extreme and Creative. The Creative mode is the one which gives a player the highest level of freedom, due to the fact that it is the only one in which the survival is not the main target. The Creative mode makes the player invincible offering him unlimited resources, letting him fly and so on. This mode is ideal for the players which only wish to advance in building complex structures without the need to worry how to survive. It is perfect for creation of a world with no complications or concerns.


The 1.2.5 version offers some very nice changes, mainly cosmetic ones. The game appearance and graphic capacity have been improved considerably with better illumination and spectacular sunsets and dawns.

The Minecraft quality is undeniable, which puts it much further in front of its competitors and all the game clones which have appeared during the past years, which out of doubt cannot pretend to be better than the original. Minecraft 1.2.5 stays as addictive as it was in its previous versions.

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  • It won't disappoint its fans and followers
  • A great world to create and explore
  • Creative freedom of the game
  • Improved graphics
  • Better appearance and significant esthetic changes
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